Audience Intelligence-Led Connected TV Advertising

Target & re-target your audience of interest based on data signals. LG Ad Solutions & ArabyAds provide niche and custom audience segments to efficiently reach your audience of interest.

Patented Video-AI To Automate Real-Time Rich Data Curation
Build rich TV intelligence based on video streaming analytics

Precision Targeting With Deterministic TV Data

Target audience based on various behavioural, demographics & geographic data points
to reach your potential customers with CTV ads in UAE, KSA and Egypt.

Household Sync
Cross-Screen Targeting For Connected Experience

Create immersive engagement with large-screen advertising and close the loop with action on mobile. Household Sync leverages multiple signals, including device IPs, to identify devices within the same household and create a connected experience for consumers with CTV ads in UAE, KSA and Egypt.

Major TV Partnerships
To Build Data-Rich Advertising

Leverage LG Ads Solutions' rich TV viewership data built with major smart and connected TV OEMs. Reach niche audiences with connected TV advertising in MENA, delivering diverse audience cohorts for CTV media planning to attribution.

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